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  • Spermatorrhoea Treatment

    "Escape of semen at the time of passing of stools or urine is called Spermatorrhoea". A little pressure at time of passing of stools cause it. In the beginning the reason is constipation, but is advanced stage semen starts escaping before or after urination. With time, semen becomes thin and flows out like water. The man loses youth. Such a man does not get excited, organ becomes loose and the woman after remaining dissatisfied starts hating such a man and does not wish to see him. He can never go through sex act satisfactorily. But Such a man is over indulgent and reaches impotency in the end.

    "Spermatorrhoea" means the flow of semen with urine." Out of the suspected patients of Spermatorrhoea, there are hardly one percent who really suffer from this disease. In Spermatorrhoea the semen passes while passing stools or after urine. There are very few cases when semen passes before urine or mixed with it. The causes and cure of Spermatorrhoea and the flow of other secretions are the same of night discharges.
    Sometimes it so happens that a boy notes some part of the urine to he milky. Ignorant enough men think it to be semen flowing mixed with urine. The colour becomes dirty on account of some digestive disorder. They can easily be stopped by merely regulating the diet. If the milky substances are found in urine, it must be stopped before prescribing any medicine for disorders. The irritation is not possible to be cured until these substances are present in urine because they posses strong irritating properly.


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