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Home remedies to make your skin fair and glowing

Everyone had wished to have a glowing and beautiful skin. Most of men and women investing lot to buy beauty products. But there lot of home remedies to make your skin fair and glowing. Now we informed you about all that no cost techniques which are far better than those chemical Products.

  • Milk

    For Oily Skin – If your skin is oily then gently message ice cube on skin after Deeping in Milk. That remove oil from your skin and it’s become fair

    For Glowing Skin – Mix Turmeric with cold milk and apply it on skin and wash it after 20 minutes and get Glowing like premium Products

  • Cucumber

    Dark Circle – Deep Cotton in Cucumber juice and put it on dark circle for 10 – 15 minutes. Do it every day for a month and your dark circle will disappear.

  • Cranberry

    For Fair Skin – Make a paste of boiled Cranberry. Use it like face pack and get fair skin in some days

  • Honey

    For Glowing Skin Instantly – Apply honey on your face. Wash it after 2 to 3 minutes.

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